To my patient with love

You have heard that I exist
But you are still not sure if I am a real or just a myth
You have read the label I made
When mixing and compounding
That delicate fix, with love from me to you
Yes I write instructions, which you hardly ever read
Guiding you on how you should store my products
And keep them out of reach of children

You have been told that I love chemistry
So much that I was once known as a chemist
You heard that I make chemical reactions
And design drug relations
Apparently, I am good in numbers
But that could just be another stereotype

I calculate doses
And monitor kinetics
I lookout for errors, that is, medication errors
When granted the opportunity
I will be by your bedside to prevent danger from coming your way
When you get injuries in the middle of the night,
I get woken up too
Your government wants be available to you for 24 hours

You see me in the background
Sometimes at a retail store or hospital, just before you leave
With a pearl white coat and a smile to make you feel at home
I am always there to listen to your complains
After a long day in the queue to see your doctor
You come to me tired and worn out
You want me to do a miracle and have your medicines as expected
Maybe doctor didn’t prescribe what you wanted
But, I am always here to take the fall for it

Contrary to all the untruths you have heard or seen
I am a pharmacist
A legal drug dealer
Drugs are my products, just as you are my patient
I make drugs
I produce them in the best quality imagined
I will sleep in a lab, to crack that formula so that you will have a better tomorrow
I am a walking pharmacology encyclopaedia
With enough information to save your life
I am there to make sure, that after your long day of waiting to be seen by your doctor,
And referred to my other colleagues for therapy,
You will not go home with a bag of good wishes and prayers to help you recover
I am there to provide care for you
I may not do it as direct as your nurse will
Even If I am not there, remember your life depends on the drug I made for you

I agree, I am not always there for you to see me
I may be distant from you
But that does not mean that I do not care about you
Or contribute to your livelihood
Every time you take a tablet for that backache
Or capsule for your headache
Remember I am there for you
Trust me; your life is in good and capable hands


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