Africa Day 2016

Africa day is one for me to celebrate with pride
Being an African is associated with poverty begging and need in the global perspective
But to me it means something totally different;
The soil I was born on, is my inheritance from my ancestors
I delight in the colourful heritage that may have limited artefacts,
But is rich in stories, stories told to me by generations passed

My heritage may have been over-shodowed by the past injustices of colonialism,
But I refuse to let Imperialism define who I am
I am an African girl
Trying to explore womanhood
I believe in feminist ideologies, which promote my individuality
My Africaness is my greatest asset
Visa regulations attempt to make me believe otherwise
I accept that being an African comes with so much responsibility
I together with many other Africanists, have a continent to build
Being a proud African,
I want to be a part of every step
Of the process for redefining and reclaiming our dignity
Happy Africa Day to all of you


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