As my week at the ‪#‎AIDS2016‬ conference ends, I can reflect on a few lessons I learned in my mission of studying and understanding PRIVILEGE in depth. Privilege is ‘a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group’. While at the conference I was able to identify many privileges that I was granted throughout my life, and they made me ignorant of other people’s needs. But that is what privilege is meant to do right….. Privileges are given to the selected few or majority so that they can silence those without the same privileges and ignore them. Some of my privileges include being born to Christian parents, in a country that was run by a Christian government. South Africa was a one-religion state during apartheid and therefore other people were denied of their right to practice their religion, and that was okay to me because I was privileged. I was born female and I am completely happy with my gender, that is a privilege that blinded me when I heard of intersex and transgender cases. I haven’t mastered privilege, but I am still reading and exploring this concept. I’m looking forward to reading more about its influence on race, age, health, gender and economy


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